19 Sep 2019


What is the Fresh Hikes Finder?
The Fresh Hikes Finder wants to help people maximize the benefits of hiking by choosing routes with the best air quality. It combines government data on various districts' air quality (AQHI and AQI) and weather with hiking route data in order to recommend the 'freshest' hikes for any given day or hour. It is in its current state a web prototype, but The Fresh Hikes Finder will eventually take the form of a mobile app.
That big number on the bottom left of the hike cards - what does it mean and how is it calculated?
That's the Freshness Factor - it is a combination of data from the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) and the Air Quality Index (AQI), turned into a percentage and inverted so that the higher the number, the better. This number is updated on an hourly basis over 15 air quality measuring stations. If a hike spans more than one district or measuring station, a weighted average is taken.
The different colours of the hike cards - what do they mean?
These colours indicate the Health Risk Levels, as defined and colour coded by the Air Quality Health Index (
1 - Low
2 - Low
3 - Low
4 - Moderate
5 - Moderate
6 - Moderate
7 - High
8 - Very high
9 - Very high
10 - Very high
11 - Serious
Where are you getting your hiking route data from?
From, a platform and community for collecting and displaying all kinds of hiking route data around HK. The amount of user-generated-data collected is amazing. Hikers, sign up!
I've seen a few 'coming soons' around the app. What other features are coming soon?
Great question! Coming up are the ability to:
  1. View more hiking routes and cool information such as elevation graphs

  2. Have more integrated weather data such as UV radiation and daily forecasts

  3. Star your favourite hikes and keep track of how fresh they are over time

  4. Filter the hikes by additional fields such as district, start point, and end point

  5. Sort the hikes by additional fields such as distance or elevation