Sunset Peak (Lantau trail)
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District: Tung Chung
Distance Category: Long
Temperature: 21°C
Freshness Factor: Updated on Tuesday 12:00

Sunset Peak is the third highest peak of Hong Kong. On a grassy glade adjacent to Yi Tung Shan, there are 20 granite chalets rustic in appearance. Beyond the Nam Shan Management Centre, the trail skirts along the mid slopes of Sunset Peak. Exiting through Pak Kung Au, it joins Lantau Trail that leads to Lantau Peak and Ngong Ping. Pak Kung Au is a communication stronghold that links up south and north Lantau. The trail crosses Tung Chung Road and trends down the southeastern face of Lantau Peak along the Tong Fuk Catchwater. This section overlooks the picturesque Cheng Sha Beach and Tong Fuk Village, and the Cha Kwo Chau, Shek Ku Chau and Soko Islands offshore.