Sai Kung (Maclehose Stage 3)
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District: Tap Mun
Distance Category: Long
Duration: Best Time: 2:32:00
Temperature: 21°C
Freshness Factor: Updated on Tuesday 12:00

Section Three crosses some of Hong Kong's least visited uplands -- the hills and peaks between Pak Tam Au and Three Fathoms Cove (Kei Ling Ha Hoi). Here the Trail runs through Sai Kung West Country Park (3,000 hectares). From Pak Tam Au the route climbs towards Ngam Tau Shan. Once in the uplands there are memorable views in almost every direction: east to the ocean coast, north across Tolo Channel, west to Tai Po, and south to Ma On Shan. Section Three includes some very strenuous climbs over three mountains, each almost 400 metres high: Wa Mei Shan, Lui Ta Shek, and Kai Kung Shan.